Flood Map : Water Level Elevation Map (Beta)

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Right click on the map to get/set the flood water level at the location.

"Flood Map application does not show current or historic flood level but it shows all the area below set elevation."

Select limited area to focus:The following features are just for additional information and they may or may not work properly.

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Disclaimer: Please note that just this elevation flood map is not sufficient enough in full extent for the analysis since there are many other factors like surface runoff, flow diversion, land type etc. are also responsible for the flood coverage along with elevation. But we think this flood map should help in some extent in the following areas:

The elevation layered on the map is in meters and is from sea level. The elevation is zero for the sea level.

Nasa's 90m resolution SRTM data is used for the application.

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Notes:Before using this Flood Map application, please note that the application may have some bugs or inaccuracies because of various technical or non technical reasons. Also note that there might be some miss-alignment, so please consider +-100 meters tolerance to be on safer side. The water level displayed on right click is more accurate. The Flood Map coverage is about 60 degrees north & south. The SRTM data at some locations may not be correctly available.

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